Leaflets for the October 13th Unity Demo Opposing DFLA

Groups across the country are mobilising to oppose the Democratic Football Lads Alliance, a far right minority of football fans who have escalated their attacks against Muslims, migrants and the Left in recent months.

We’re collating all the leaflets that have been designed to mobilise for the demomstration. Print out and distribute relevant ones in your area (probably best to not distro Brighton leaflets in Edinburgh). Remember, a leaflet alone is not going to convince someone to come to the demonstration and get engaged in antifascist politics. Make sure you’re telling friends, acquaintances and strangers alike the details of the march, who the DFLA are, and why we should oppose them.

You can use the information on the leaflet, but should also do some independant research into the DFLA and their many connections to the far right.

We will update the leaflet with a location for meet up point as soon as it’s decided but for now tell people to keep an eye on antifascist social media channels such as @ldnantifascists, @AntiFascistNetw or @northlondonantifa for more details.


Download the general unity demonstration leaflet here:
DFLA march leaflet 13 October 2018 (1)

High quality image of leaflet front and back:


Womens Strike Assembly’s bloc leaflet:

feminists to the front october 13th.png

Brighton Antifascists leaflet: